RCM is a family-friendly community of students, parents, volunteers and musicians who join together to make music, friends, and lasting connections. Our staff proudly continues the mission Ed and Janet Simons started in 1956: to maintain a cultural community hub for generations to come.

Our board members are all volunteers – musicians, business leaders, current and former students, who enthusiastically help guide us with the school’s mission at heart.


Marigene Kettler, Executive Director Email
Martha Lerner, Deputy Director Email
Regina Gessner, Registrar Email
Ann Hollinger, Controller
Rhonda H. Broyles, Community Engagement
Xavier Katz, Bookkeeper


Mimi Calhoun, President
Stephanie Schera, Vice President
Edgar A. Gutierrez, Treasurer
Judith Gorman, Secretary

Amy Brown
Jane C. Cowles
Carol Dornbush
Robert L. Fellows
Dennis Fleming
Brian Fontana
John E. Funk, Ph.D.
Ira Lipson
Maria MacArthur
Seth Porter
Shantelle E. Williams
Richard E. Voigt 1935 – 2018
​Edward Simons, Founder 1917-2018


Andre Watts, Honorary Chair
Joseph Alessi
Thomas Artin
Neil Berg
William V. Blossom
Didi Conn
Ramona Perez Finkelman
Katherine Greene
Rita Harvey
Jon Klibonoff
Stanley A. Kurtis
Alvin McCall
Helen Strilec Schatiloff
David Shire


James E. Birnbaum
The Hon. Harriet Cornell
Keith J. Cornell, Esq.
Ramon Del Monte
Alice DiSanto
Matt DuBeau
Jeffrey P. Hall
Kim Kimmel
Reji Mathew, Ph.D.
Rabia Nagin
James Sandler
Scott Vanderhoef
Elisabeth Voigt